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CDC Pool remodelling was born in 1990 when Roger and Chris teamed up to solve a problem they saw in the Arizona pool market. When Roger and Chris started CDC Pools, pool remodeling was an afterthought for pool contractors that focused on new pool construction and their handful of large developer customers.

So, whose project is more important, your one-off pool remodel or a home builder that represents hundreds of new pool projects? Exactly, that’s what Roger and Chris saw as well, and that’s when CDC Pools was born. And, we built our company, from the ground up, to remodel pools. That's all we do! We’ve come a long way since first starting our pool remodeling journey and we’re now licensed in Arizona, Nevada and California.

Pool Remodeling In Arizona

We have more superintendents in the field than contractors twice our size. Why? Again, the nature of remodeling (this is major construction, unearthing decades-old construction often reveals shortcuts). AND our owners’ commitment to quality. We're not perfect, but we do our best to put experienced crews we control on the job and put experienced and committed superintendents on each job. And, our owners are in the field every day checking jobs.

  • What Sets Us Apart

    We use our own interior pool surface, tile, chipout and plumbing crews. Many contractors sub this work out. We don’t. Because pool remodeling is different than new pool construction (the main business of most of the pool companies you’ll talk to). Pool remodeling is full of surprises. There are many things we uncover on each job that require experience to recognize and a commitment to quality to do the right thing. For more on this, watch the video at the top left of this page.

    Our owners are in the field. Chris built custom homes and pools. Roger came from the service and retail side of the pool business. One of them is in just about every backyard. We think this makes a difference. Ask around, we think you’ll agree. Visit our Chandler Showroom. See all our pool surfaces underwater, tile and decking options too! For a complete picture of what we’re doing to save energy, reduce our costs and, ultimately, save you money, click here.

  • Our Approach to Pool Renovation

    It’s easy to look out your window at one of our resurfacing crews and just see “a bunch of laborers.” Our guys are far from that. First, as you know, with few exceptions, they are OUR crews, not sub-contractors. Many of them have been with us for years. They are skilled craftsmen who work for us because THEY WANT TO WORK for CDC Pools.

    Why? Our pay and benefits package is above the norm in our industry. We treat them with the respect they deserve. We can lose all of our equipment and tools tomorrow, but as long as we have our people, we know we can deliver a quality job. And speaking of doing quality work, we don’t want every job out there. We want to work for people we like and know we can satisfy, on jobs we can make a profit doing.

    “If you were my brother-in-law,” here’s our advice on how to select a pool remodeling company:

    • Probably most importantly, trust your instincts. You need to like and be comfortable with the person you’re dealing with. If not, chances are you won’t like or be comfortable with the company they represent.
    • Make sure you understand everything about the quote you receive. You don’t resurface your pool every day; so don’t hesitate asking “dumb” questions until you understand.
    • Find out how many years they’ve been in business.
    • Understand what type of company they are. Ideally (in our humble opinion), you want a contractor that specializes in remodeling. That means they’re used to getting into and out of yards without disturbing mature landscaping. That also means their people can handle the unpredictable.
    • As predictable as new construction is, remodeling is unpredictable. Plus, the more a resurfacing contractor subs for pool builders, the less important your single, one-time job will be. And remodeling divisions of larger, new pool companies can often be the “red-haired step-child.”
    • Do they use their own crews to do the work or sub most of it out? The more sub-contractors in the mix, the less responsible all parties feel about your satisfaction.
    • Are the owners still active? The more the owners are involved in the daily work, in the field, the better the job.
    • Ask each company about their record with the Registrar of Contractors or BBB. Then consider that record against the number of jobs they’ve done the past two or three years (the number of years a mark stays on a contractor’s record for the ROC and BBB respectively). Also compare the age of their license against the number of years they’ve been in business. A contractor that tells you they’ve been in business for 20 years, but has a license issued three years ago, may not be that proud of the work they did on their previous license(s).

    Just like every purchase you make, if it seems too good to be true, or it just doesn’t feel right, walk the other way.

  • Get To Know Us Before You Make Your Decision

    “We believe our quality and price make our jobs the best value in the Valley. We work hard, try to keep it simple and never stop improving how we do what we do. And we think all that makes a difference you can see today and you’ll appreciate 10 years from today.” If there’s one thing you’ll learn about CDC Pools, it’s the fact that we truly work for our customers. Allow us to improve your living today!


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