Quality Pool Remodelling

Quality is hard. Everybody talks about it, every pool company tells you they care about it. But quality is hard.
As you probably guessed by now, you can expect these things when you select CDC Pools to remodel your pool. We don’t say a lot about quality. But we work at it every day, on every project.

Quality means dozens of details need to get handled:

  • You should get all your questions answered by the estimator before you buy.
  • You should feel like the estimator is there to serve you, not sell you.
  • Your pool contractor should tell you what to expect during the project.
  • Your pool contractor should call you before each crew comes out to do their part of the project.
  • And, those crews ought to be the contractor’s crews, not a subcontractor’s crews.
  • You should see a superintendent during your project.  A lot.
  • It would be nice of the owners of the company were in the field, close to the work, in your backyard, not in their offices staring at their computers.
  • Those crews ought to clean up after themselves.
  • You ought to be able to get someone out after the project’s complete to fix any little stuff (this is major construction, there often is little stuff that needs tweaking).  Without twisting arms.
  • You ought to be happy, not just satisfied, but happy, after the job is complete.

What to Expect, when we resurface your pool

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"Excellent process from start to finish. Very professional from the sales process to the installation. We lover our remodeled pool!"

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