Customers ask us "How can I save money when we remodel our pool?" Finding a pool pump that saves you money is huge!

One way customers are saving money — on average $500 per year — is by installing a new, energy-efficient variable speed pool pump.


This will save you money, year in and year out, for two reasons:

  1. Most pumps we see installed in back yards are larger than the pool requires.  It’s like paying to operate a V8 engine in a car that only needs a four cylnders — it costs you too much money!
  2. These new, energy-efficient pumps operate at variable speeds: one speed to run your pool cleaner; and a lower speed to circulate your water.

Chris and Roger talk about saving money and energy.

There are two more benefits to a variable speed pump:

  • Cleaner, clearer water.  You'll push water through your filter more slowly at the lower speed.  This improves filtration. Better filtration equals cleaner, clearer water.
  • Circulating your water at a lower speed means you can run the pump longer and still save a substantial amount money.  Better circulation means better suspension of chemicals in your water (when a pool sits idle in the sun you lose your chemical balance faster).

Lastly, if you are an APS customer, APS will give you a $200 rebate for installing a variable speed pump.  A $500 per year savings, clearer water, more efficient chemical use and a $200 rebate!  Make sure you ask your CDC Pool Specialist for all the details.

You can even calculate your own savings on Pentair's cost savings calculator.


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