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Resurfacing or remodelling as you may call it, comes along with its own hassles. An organised approach is the only way to deal with it. Swimming pool remodelling is a game changer. It works for the looks of your pool, at the same time it makes a drastic change in how you feel. Believe me, it elevates your mood.

It is rightly said, ‘Beauty works in its own charismatic way.’ However, beautiful things too need maintenance, to stay longer with you, isn't it?

Swimming pools enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Whether those are humble aboveground 15-footers or elaborately designed in-ground beauties, swimming pools are refreshing oases of your home.

How do you make sure your swimming pool stays fresh and lively all the time?

Here are 7 things you must always keep in mind

1. Swimming pools must be usable, and not just space occupants

What happens when you have a swimming pool but don’t maintain it properly? Pitting of the swimming pool is the common occurrence over a period of time. Your pool sheds off its grace due to excessive sunlight and chemicals. Rough pool surfaces are definitely not inviting. They gradually transform from bad to worse making it irreparable.

Replastering the pool adds life to it, letting you enjoy its benefits for the long term.

2. Cleanliness is very important

Can you imagine diving into a pool full of algae, debris, dry leaves etc? Obviously not! Who would prefer to spend their leisure time this way, right? You don't want your pool area to be an abandoned space of your home.

Cleanliness is a must. Without that, the pool is nothing but a dead investment.

Replastering the pool also helps you to maintain the chemical balance in the pool water. This eliminates the risk of water wastage in case of a leakage. With the adequate amount of chemicals, algae and other waterborne bacteria are kept in check.

Cleanliness improves the life expectancy of your pool.

3. Resurface your way to economic relief

Some issues need an instant cure. Replastering is one of those.

If you postpone pool replastering, be ready for higher maintenance cost in terms of water bills.

4. Maintain your real estate value

People are always ready to pay for comforts. Replastered swimming pool gets a transformed look. A look which has a touch of elegance. Along with the aesthetic appeal, it assures safety and longevity.

Anyone would be willing to buy such a place, isn’t it?

5. Surface stains impact the life of your pool

Discoloration of the pool basins occurs due to the amount of usage. The environment also contributes towards pool stains with the falling leaves and dirt debris. Algae also leave its mark behind.

Excessive usage of unwanted chemicals in the pool is amongst the major cause of stains.

These stains, if untreated, can aggravate the problems making it difficult to get the stains off. This has a direct impact on the visual appeal and hygiene of your pool, making it unsuitable for swimming.

6. Saltwater makes your pool age sooner

Saltwater pools require more maintenance than the regular ones.

The more the current flows, the more the salt will start to wear off your surface. The continuous wear on your surface starts to add up and can lead to possible leakage. As a result, your pool will need resurfacing sooner than others.

7. Resurfacing your pool over time is important

It is important to resurface your swimming pool if you notice the following signs...

  • Your swimming pool has visible cracks.
  • You find visible tears in the liner.
  • You notice white, chalky substance on the skin after rubbing pool walls.

If these signs are ignored, it might soon be time to say goodbye to your pool!

Is there anything you’d like to add to these points? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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What to Expect, when we resurface your pool

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