Pool remodeling Enhancements

We have many ideas to make your backyard more fun and interesting. But most importantly, we want to give you what you want.

Pool Enhancement

After all, it’s your backyard. Explore this page for some of our customers’ favorite swimming pool remodeling enhancements. Then, we’d love to talk about your ideas to make your backyard more your own.

  • Water Features and Lighting

    A single or multiple cascade bathed in light from our innovative fiber optic lighting creates drama, and the calming water flow soothes away even the most stressful day. Renovating your pool surface or structure is one way to improve your backyard space, but lighting can improve the vibe.

  • Kids?

    A slide winding its way through a mountain of boulders is pure ecstasy. Getting them out of the pool is the problem. Or, add a lazy waterfall through decorative boulders, or just boulders. And make your pool more your own. We can also convert a portion of your shallow end into a play shelf; a transition area a foot or two deep where young kids can play and learn to enjoy a pool experience in their early years. It’s still up to us adults to watch our kids, but a play shelf sure makes it just that much more fun for the kids. Again, we refer you back to our previous statement about the challenge of getting them out of the pool.

  • Boulders

    As you can see from practically all the pictures on this page, we can add boulders in a variety of ways, from standalone to part of a water feature. Are they real? It’s hard to tell. We recommend decorative, or artificial boulders. Why? Because you can color them to match their surroundings. Finding real ones that are “just the right color” can be difficult. And decorative are lighter and much easier to work with, which translates into a cost savings to you. Real boulders are heavy and difficult to transport and handle. As a result, they cost more and can scar and gouge with handling. We can get you real ones, but please…let real boulders live free and wild in the desert and enjoy the decorative ones instead. Swimming pool remodeling enhancements really bring out the best in your Phoenix backyard!

  • Synthetic Turf

    Synthetic grass and putting greens from a pool remodeling contractor? Well, yes. Customers like to add patches of grass when they remodel their pool and appreciate a single point of contact: us. If you haven’t looked at synthetic turf lately, you’ll be surprised. The quality has gone up and the costs have come down. And while it’s still more expensive to install than real grass, with the new, lower prices it pays for itself in just a few years with zero maintenance costs (no over-seeding, mowing, feeding, sprinkler systems or watering). And speaking of water, did you know the average lawn in Arizona (1,000 sq. ft.) drinks about one pool’s worth of water each year?! This type of pool remodeling enhancement can save you an immense amount of money in the long run!

  • Pool Equipment

    We continue to be surprised at how often we’re the only company that talks to customers about their pool equipment and at how happy customers are when they do upgrade. If we think your equipment needs replacing, we’ll tell you. As with everything we do, whether you chose to replace it is your decision. Why bother? A new filter can mean cleaner, clearer water, which translates into a more beautiful pool and less maintenance. A new pump can save electricity and improve water flow, which can reduce the chances of bacteria or water chemistry problems. And the new technology spa heaters heat faster, are safer and can sometimes allow you to heat your pool. Consider some of our pool remodeling enhancements and let us know if there’s anything we can assist you with now or in the future.


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