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Adding a water feature to your swimming pool is just one of the ways that you can enhance the look and add a relaxing soundscape to your backyard oasis. There are several different types of water features and we're happy to discuss them all with you. 



Water Flow Spillways

A spillway is designed to add visual interest and a soothing sound of moving water to your pool. We've designed and built many hundreds and are happy to discuss an idea that will blend with your style and tastes.


Wok Pot Water Features

Wok pots add visual interest to your pool. They add height to the shape your pool takes on, and they of course add a relaxing ambient sound that many of our customers enploy to quiet traffic noise. And, wok pots also bring plants and flowers into a whole new relationship with your swimming pool. Stone, concrete and even brass wok pots in every conceivable shape and size -- we've built them all. Ask us!


Phoenix Swimming Pool Deck Jets

Deck jets lay a gentle stream of water into your pool; in most cases by utilizing your current pump and filtration system. They also aerate your pool to help cool the water on those hot Arizona summer days.


Boulder Water Features

Want a natural design? We can build a water feature out of synthetic or real boulders, or integrate boulders into your decking to add interest. Synthetic are less expensive than real and we feel are a better choice (Can't we just let real boulders live free??).

We are One of the Few Contractors in Phoenix and Arizona that Repairs Water Features

As with the many pool companies that have come and gone, we see lots of water features that were built by companies that are no longer around. From completely tearing out a water feature to repairing it, we can fix all the mistakes that can creep into a job.
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Roger talks about water features in the video below...

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What to Expect, when we resurface your pool

Customers love CDC Pools

"We actually hired CDC twice. Once for a pebble surface and tile and the other just recently to update our pool equipment. We both liked our sales guy, as he wasn't your typical "pool salesman." He talked to us more like a contractor, suggesting and recommending. He clearly knew more than anyone else we interviewed. The work was very satisfactory. The installer on the equipment took extra time with me to show me how to set the pump (energy efficient, so it runs at different speeds at different times). He actually didn't show me, he explained it and had me do it so I learned."

"Very happy with both jobs. Can recommend them."

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