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"Pool repair" can mean many things. We can replace your interior surface, repair structural leaks, replace tile and decking and replace broken or old pool equipment or plumbing. If you have small things -- tiles that are loose or a leaky pump -- better to call a pool cleaning service or stop by a pool supply store like Leslie's.

Because we specialize in pool remodeling we see, well, we see everything. Every good (and bad) idea contractors had in the past 50 years. Frankly, there's no other contractor in Arizona that has come up against more problems than we have.

In fact, see the beautiful picture at the left? That pool would have slid down the hill if the owner hadn't called us. Check out the video.


What to Expect, when we resurface your pool

Customers love CDC Pools

"Once our schedules fit one another the project went well. The field lead or foreman, Luis, was exceptional. Every task I asked him to do he did, timely and at a fair price. I'd use them again, no questions asked."

Vincent Scott on Houzz

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