Structural Pool Leak Repair Phoenix AZ

We offer swimming pool leak repair when loss of water occurs in the shell of your pool (in a pool wall or floor, or through the tile). We are one of the few companies in Arizona certified to use the newest state-of-the-art epoxy injection method. We can also track down and repair plumbing leaks.

Structural Cracks Leaks

We’ve seen entire pools settle several inches due to a leak that wasn’t taken care of.
Remodeling older pools is common in Phoenix, and it’s important that you address minor issues that can lead into bigger problems down the road. We also recommend doing a pressure test when evaluating a structural crack. Often times a crack is a symptom of a plumbing problem or leak.

Sometimes you can lose more than just water from structural cracks...

If the crack occurs in a plaster pool, you’ll likely need to resurface the interior of the pool. If the crack occurs in a pebble pool, we can often repair it and patch the pebble surface. Cracks and leaks are not to be ignored, as highlighted in the video above. In fact, with this pool, their leaks could have sent 16,000 gallons of water down onto their neighbor's house.

The process of Leak Repair demonstrated:

The video takes you through a typical project using a state-of-the-art epoxy injection method. Until something else is invented, this is the best solution for all but the most serious leaks. And we are one of the very few companies in Arizona certified on this equipment and procedure. When required, we can also completely remove the cracked portion of your pool wall, replace the re-bar and re-shotcrete that section of the pool.


What to Expect, when we resurface your pool

Customers love CDC Pools

"We actually hired CDC twice. Once for a pebble surface and tile and the other just recently to update our pool equipment. We both liked our sales guy, as he wasn't your typical "pool salesman." He talked to us more like a contractor, suggesting and recommending. He clearly knew more than anyone else we interviewed. The work was very satisfactory. The installer on the equipment took extra time with me to show me how to set the pump (energy efficient, so it runs at different speeds at different times). He actually didn't show me, he explained it and had me do it so I learned."

"Very happy with both jobs. Can recommend them."

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